Al-Umma [Archives:2005/847/Press Review]

June 2 2005

26 May 2005
Main headlines

– The journalists defend their honor and stand up to the attempt of ethics assassination

– Al-Haq party political office head Hassan Zaid: 1994 war established cracks enhanced by wrong practices

– There are forces working for crating crises aimed at effecting confusion of the political system

– Civil society activists demand cancellation of the special criminal court

– JMP refuses accusations against al-Haq and the Union parties

– Arrests and explosions against partisan offices in Hudeida and Abyan

– Civil organisations follow up procedures of the implementation of the general pardon decree; warn against continued detention of children

The newspaper's political editor writes about the decision of general pardon and the necessity of speeding up its implementation. The writer says acts of violence, tensions and storming practices have come back to capture the news in local press and the talk of the street in all that has relationship with the Saada crisis despite of the issuance of a presidential general pardon.

The decision, up until now, is not carried out on the ground and there are no measures that would help alleviate the tension in Saada.

News reports from Saada confirm continuation of operations of storming and arrest, the latest of which the suspension in paying salaries of hundreds of education employees in Saada. Majority of those employees have no relationship with the so-called the Believing Youth or the events in the governorate.

The authority alone, represented in person by the president of the republic, is able to finish the procedures pertaining to the pardon decision, the call for the national unity and discard of racism and sectarianism and all forms of harmful to the homeland tendencies. This also dictates on all the good people in Yemen spell out their say in solving the problem and rejection of wars.