Al-Umma [Archives:2005/862/Press Review]

July 25 2005

July 21, 2005
Main Headline:

– Yemeni Peoples are Boiling over the Dose and Government Faces out with Bullets.

– Citizens Staged Protestations Against Raising up Fuels Prices and Transport Comes to Standstill Throughout the Country.

– Detainees Relatives of Kuhlan Regions Appeal to the President.

– Arab Journalists Union Condemns Assassination Attempt Against Al-Gahafy.

– President Meeting with Sada's Sheikhs Fails to Settle down Suspended Issues.

Al Ommah came out with an informative report about the demonstrations swept several major cities throughout the country on Wednesday July 20.

The paper reported that the capital secretariat and a number of Yemeni cities witnessed furious popular demonstrations on Wednesday as huge masses took to streets to protest against the government's decision to lift subsidies to fuels The demonstrators had stormed through the streets of the capital secretariat and the cities of Dhamar, Al-Dhale'a', Marib and Amran where they had chanted the slogans anti government policy and surge of oil and fuel prices. The demonstrations were met with fierce confrontations from the security forces and anti-riot teams. Rampageous clashes between protesters and security men had claimed the lives of several people and sustained injuries of dozens.

In the capital secretariat five people had been killed , two reported killed in Dhammar and three in Al-Dale'a'. The demonstrations coincided with violence and chaos acts cause heavy material loses.