Al-Umma [Archives:2005/864/Press Review]

August 1 2005

July 28, 2005
Main Headlines.

– Crackdown on Demonstrators Against Killer Dose Going on.

– Slight Reduce in Fuel Prices After President Meeting With Tribesmen.

– Suspicions Over Dialogue with Al-Houthi Followers and Fairs of Fight Renewal.

Al -Ommah political editor Wrote: the government had realized its plunder and retreated due the tribal intervention The tribesmen have proven to be of quite strong influence more than the political parties NGOs.

Then, what's the next , would the government will think about the comprehensive political reform and take on corruption. The writer enquired.

The government had repeatedly promised to embark on genuine reforms and fight corruption ,however things have been going from bad to worst. So, what's there following the killer dose? Has the government already felt the danger so that it will initiate to adopt a comprehensive national political reform and take on corruption.. or it is too late to do so?