AL-UMMA: Sanaa weekly, 1-1-98. (Al-Haqq Party) [Archives:1998/01/Press Review]

January 5 1998

Main Headlines: 1- Al-Haqq Party calls for breaking the blockade imposed on Iraq by sending food & medicine to Baghdad 2- 1998 budget, a 4th dose of “economic reform,” relies on financial resources that will never enter the state’s treasury 3- Political parties concluded joint seminar on partisan organizational aspects Article Summary: Blood Revenge A relative of the Parliamentary Speaker, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmer, was killed in an act of blood revenge at the beginning of this week in Sanaa. A number of his bodyguards and a passerby were also killed in the shooting incident, which took place on the Airport Road – near the Ministry of Interior! Andulkareem Al-Ahmer was leaving the Sanaa Central Prison following a visit to a jailed relative. Although the assailants managed to escape, police sources indicted that the perpetrators could be from the tribe of Bani Dhabian of Khowlan. They were asking Sheikh Al-Ahmer to punish one of his relatives – the brother of the deceased – for killing one of their clansmen.