AL-UMMA: Sanaa weekly, 11-12-97 (Al-Haqq Party) [Archives:1997/50/Press Review]

December 15 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Syrian security officers take part in questioning Syrian suspect in connection with Aden bomb explosions 2- Saudi Arabia demands the annexation of more Yemeni territory in Thamood 3- Organization of Islamic Countries’ summit brings some stability to the region Article Summary: Hunger Strike The health conditions of several opposition figures in Al-Munawrra prison in Mukalla have deteriorated due to the indefinite hunger strike they started on December 3rd. The Socialist Party member Hassan Ba-Awm and Rabita member Mohsin Al-Amoodi both suffer from physical debilitation. Another prisoner, Ali Al-Kotheiri was released from prison and put under house arrest due to his serious health condition. The prisoners started the strike in protest over the inhumane conditions and physical abuse in the prison as well as being detained for more than a month without being officially charged. The Opposition Coordination Council has rejected an offer by the prosecutor to release the prisoners in return for refraining from any acts of protest.