AL-UMMA: Sanaa weekly, 13-8-98. [Archives:1998/33/Press Review]

August 17 1998

(Al-Haqq Party)   Main Headline:
1- A cease-fire is reached between the Khawlan and Sanhan tribes following the death of two men and the release from Khawlan’s captivity of Col. Ali Shumaila, former deputy commander of the Republican Guard and brother of Yemen’s ambassador to Washington.
2- Chemical analysis by the Ministry of Health indicate that the “improved French bread” (rooti) contains potassium bromide, which causes lymphatic cancer.
3- A black cloth is wrapped around the Athrab mosque minaret to mourn the killing of its speaker by a rival extremist group.
Article Summary:
Chemical Waste – By Abdulaziz Al-Sabry
A quantity of US-manufactured pesticides was given as aid to Yemen in 1982. About 30 tons of the pesticide expired, and was secretly buried in the Sardoud farm. It was only discovered in 1992 causing extensive environmental pollution. Another mount of dangerous chemicals was discovered buried under the courtyard of a building formerly occupied by USAID.
In 1988 a quantity of pesticides was imported from Hack Trade of Germany. When it arrived at the Hodeida port, the pesticide had only 10 months left to its expiry date and was already leaking from the faulty containers. It was later dumped at Al-Naar mountain, causing widespread pollution.