AL-UMMA: Sanaa weekly, 17-9-98. [Archives:1998/38/Press Review]

September 21 1998

(Al-Haqq Party)   Main Headline:
1- Ancient antiques and priceless manuscripts in Mahweet and Mareb are in danger of being lost through continuous pilfering and smuggling. A gang of smugglers was arrested in Sanaa, and more than 2,000 manuscripts were seized.
2- The Opposition Coordination Council welcomes the resignation of the Minister of Religious Guidance and endowments and Al-Haqq Party Secretary General, Al-Shami.
3- Gross financial irregularities are discovered in the Ministry of Construction and Housing. Agreements on 59 different projects were concluded without proper tender announcements.
4- A number of Yemeni police officers finish a training course investigating bomb explosions in Louisiana, US. The course was part of the increasing security cooperation between Yemen and the US.
Article Summary:
Lax Security
The random usurping of plots of land in Aden has increased markedly. A visible lax of security, almost frequent bomb explosions and the absence of the Governor, on vacation in London, are the causes.
Taking over public land has reached the extent of fencing off public gardens and parks. Even the sewerage network junction was diverted, to take over the land where it is situated, next to the city’s water sources in Maallah.
The process of land usurpation is often done with the knowledge and, sometimes, the protection of the police and security apparatus.