AL-UMMA: Sanaa weekly, 2-4-98. [Archives:1998/15/Press Review]

April 13 1998

(Al-Haqq Party)  Main Headline:
1- Secret Saudi mission visited Yemen to discuss border issues – Yemen stipulates economic normalization with Saudi in return for territorial compromises.
2- Airplane load of food and medicine provided by Yemeni opposition parties is to fly to Iraq on 12 April.
3- Several opposition journalists express resentment towards comments by Ms. Angela Diki of the US Embassy in Sanaa. She reportedly said that opposition journalists do not fully appreciate the responsibility they have to bear, or words to that effect.

Article Summary:
Coca-Cola & Normalization with Israel
All of a sudden and without prior warning, the Zionist-owned Coca-Cola company has invaded Yemen. This step has heralded a new age of “globalization” and an undeclared abandonment of the boycott of all products made in Israel or by companies dealing with the Jewish state.
Why Coca-Coal in particular when there so many other alternatives in the Yemeni market? Why should the Yemeni people be deceived in this manner. Coca-Cola products should be boycotted by all Yemeni citizens.