AL-UMMA: Sanaa (Weekly) 20-11-97 (Al-Haq Party) [Archives:1997/47/Press Review]

November 24 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Political parties and people’s organizations condemn recent bomb explosions in Aden 2- National Committee to Resist Naturalization with Israel held mass rally in protest over MENA conference in Doha 3- The President asked British PM to transform Yemeni-British ties to a level similar to French-Lebanese ties Article Summary: A Day of Terror Residents in the Tawheed quarter, Sanaa had probably experienced the most terrifying day in their lives on Saturday, November 16th. They were awakened by the sound of bullets and grenade explosions. It transpired later that the culprit was Lt. Col. Abdulrahman Hussien Taher. He broke into the home of his late brother and held his family as hostages, claiming that the house is his. The ‘gallant’ officer threatened to kill anyone who came near the house. Some neighbors later indicted that Taher, wearing full battle fatigue and carrying five grenades and a submachine gun, fired at his nephew while forcing his way in. More than 25 security patrols stood helpless until the assailant surrendered late in the evening. Many of the residents could not leave their homes that day for fear of being killed by Taher.