AL-UMMA: Sanaa weekly, 21-5-98. [Archives:1998/21/Press Review]

May 25 1998

(Al-Haqq Party) 
Main Headline:
1- A gang of extremists has vandalized a shrine in Hajja and exhumed the remains of the religious figure buried there. They also stole a number of valuable manuscripts.
2- Student groups belonging to various political parties met at Sanaa University to discuss the continuous interference by the security apparatus into the university’s internal affairs. One student is detained by the PSO.
3- US Assistant Deputy Secretary of State: “The US may conduct military maneuvers in the future in Yemen.”
4- Visiting Yemen, Hamaas leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen: “There cannot be a Palestinian state under Israeli occupation.”5- Teachers in Sanaa threaten to strike protesting the persecution by the security of the head of the Education Office.
Article Summary:
AIDS in Yemen
Medical sources in Aden expressed their concern for the rise in the number of AIDS cases discovered in the governorate. Most of the HIV-positive people are found among the 70,000 refugees from the Horn of Africa. Many of those people entered Yemen illegally and are in urgent need of health care and proper accommodation.