AL-UMMA: Sana’a (Weekly) 25-9-97. [Archives:1997/39/Press Review]

September 29 1997

(Al-Haq Party)
Main Headlines: 1) A Mainly Jordanian Gang Trades in Ancient Artifacts in Malh Market, Sana’a 2) Trial Continues of Health Workers Accused of Negligence in Reima – Number of Children Died After Vaccination with Insulin 3) 300 Tribal Figures Meet in Taiz to Discuss Armed Attack on Judge’s House in Taiz Article Summary: Confrontation in Al-Shihr Rioting broke out in Al-Shihr, Hadhramaut between rival football fans. Police intervened with bursts of gun fire to disperse the rioters. Of the 56 arrested hooligans, 13 were charged and referred to the prosecutor’s office. According to eyewitness accounts, the rioters shouted discriminatory anti-unity slogans. The trouble started when some of the Al-Mukalla team players objected to a decision taken by the referee in favor of the opposing team from Taiz. The rioter burned a kiosk belonging to a northerner and looted other shops. Road blocks were placed at the city gateways, and cars coming in were thoroughly searched.