AL-UMMA: Sanaa weekly, 8-10-98. [Archives:1998/41/Press Review]

October 12 1998

(Al-Haqq Party)  Main Headline:
1- Investigations are underway into several bomb blasts that took place at an ammunition dump last Monday in Aden.
2- Badr Scholastic Center is re-opened for students under new principal. “Former” director, Dr. Al-Mohatwari, is to be brought to trial for allegedly “calling for a return of the monarchy.” Sixty lawyers have declared their willingness to defend him.
3- Following a heated tribal congress, Daham tribe declares its readiness to “defend its territory and natural resources.” The government was blamed by the tribesmen for its “inability to do its duty in solving social problems.”
4- The funeral procession of a murder victim was broken up by police in Abs, Haradh, for no having a permission to hold a public assembly.
5- The murderer of the widely revered, 80-year-old religious scholar Al-Hibshi will be brought before court in Seioun.
Article Summary:
US Insults
The well-known Yemeni businessman, Hajj Mohammed Ahmed Jumaan has complained to the Foreign Ministry of the insulting behavior of the consul at the US Embassy. He demands an apology.
Jumaan had previously applied to enter the US for medical treatment. The visa officer treated him badly, and threw his application papers and medical reports into the waste basket. If this how the US Embassy treats our businessmen, how does is treat ordinary Yemeni citizens?