AL-UMMA: Sana’a (Weekly) 9-10-97. [Archives:1997/41/Press Review]

October 13 1997

(Al-Haqq Party)
News Review: 1) Widespread arrests among Arab and Yemeni Islamic extremists – arrest of a Syrian who fired at Italian tourist uncovers large ring of saboteurs connected to Saudi Arabia. 2) Former president Ali Nasser Mohammed convalesces after heart surgery performed by Dr. Majdi Yakoub in London – wide Arab concern expressed for his health. 3) Armed conflict between Islah and PGC groups due to Islahi school principal refusing to handover post to newly appointed PGC principal – several seriously injured. 4) 4 who tried to rape and abduct German doctor are arrested near village of Kitab (150 km south of Sana’a) – driver killed while defending her – police in helicopter chased the assailants. 5) One of 4 rapists of 12-year-old child sentenced to execution – others to 10 year imprisonment and 500 lashes – child’s tribe strongly contested sentence, demanding death for all. 6) Young men teaching at Shahara Scholastic Institute as part of their military national service have not received salaries for whole year.