AL-UMMASanaa weekly, 6-8-98. [Archives:1998/32/Press Review]

August 10 1998

(Al-Haqq Party)
Main Headline:
1- Fighting between various fundamentalist groups over control of mosques has spread from Sanaa to other governorates.
2- Family of Abdu Athrab who was killed in an attack on a mosque demands the implementation of the President’s directive to apprehend the killers.
3- Islah leader, Sheikh Al-Zindani: “A foreigner is safe in our country. If he transgresses, then he must be advised by ordinary citizens to stop. Otherwise the matter is left to the authorities.”
4- A bomb explosion rocks the home of the scholar and Haqq Party member Ali Hussain Al-Sharafi in Al-Mahabsha area.
Article Summary:
Economic Gamble
By Mohammed S. Al-Hadhiri
Yemen seems to be going round in a vicious circle due to lack of feed-back between the government’s economic policies and the public opinion that criticizes them. Many economists see that the general state budget should be reduced by 70% in order to narrow the deficit. While the government wants to increase public spending to reduce unemployment.
The recent price rises are putting extra burden on the citizens. The economic reform program seems to have become a means of the state’s acquiring more money from the populace.
There must be more reduction in public spending and developing the production bases of the national economy. As an example of the irrationality in public spending, the state had recently spent more than YR 50 billion on buying new official cars.