AL-UROOBA: Sana’a (Weekly) [Archives:1997/39/Press Review]

September 29 1997

25-9-97. (Nasserite Democratic Party)
News Review: 1) Opposition parties condemn armed attacks on judge and general lack of security in Taiz. 2) 7 nationals from a neighboring African country were caught in Aden airport, and taken to unknown destination after being found HIV positive. 3) 18 people died of rabies in Lahaj – state of emergency declared and lone hospital unable to cope with large number of rabies cases. 4) Journalist in Abyan is threatened with death by man belonging to a certain political organization. 5) Yemeni guard at Syrian embassy mistakenly killed colleague. 6) Driver and little brother abducted and detained at a sheikh’s house after being involved in car accident with sheikh’s son. 7) Ancient and historical sites in Zabeed, Hodeida, turn to ruins because of neglect. 8) Bootlegger dies in car chase and shoot-out with police – his mistress, also in the car, caught unharmed.