AL-URUBA [Archives:1998/42/Press Review]

October 19 1998

Sanaa, weekly 14/10/98
(Nasserite Democratic Party)
Article Summary:
A Brutal Crime
By Tawfik Al-Janadi
In an unprecedented crime in the northern governorate of Marib, a culprit murdered a doctor in front of his two little daughters.
The murderer, Nasser Bin Saleh Zaba, killed at point blank Dr. Mohammed Hael in front of his daugters inside the doctor’s car. The motive was to steal the car.
Uruba sources said that security authorities, in cooperation with tribesmen, hunted the killer and arrested him. He was given a quick trail in which he was found guilty and sentenced to death.
The President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, personally followed up developments of the crime and ratified the sentence that was endorsed by the Court of Appeals.
The crime was widely condemned in the governorate where the doctor was greatly respected and people went to the streets in peaceful demonstrations to protest at the murder.