Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/632/Press Review]

April 21 2003

17 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Arrests in Aden, Abyan, Hudeida including relatives of the 10 escapees
– Clashes and fire shots Amran governor and sheikh al-Ahmar
– Yemeni volunteers return from Baghdad, most of them from Mareb
– Iraq's embassy in Sana'a, no work, no security guard around it

The political editor of the newspaper says in his front page article after the invasion of Iraq the glow of the strong Arab official address extinguished and it has become well-known that the Yemeni government would talk for long about the reconstruction of Iraq and offering humanitarian aid to its Arab people under the occupation. The Yemeni government affirms that at the time being it is preoccupied with the legislative operation schedule on 27 of April. But the arena is threatened with the white house endless demands the nearest of which is banning national political parties having connection with the defeated regime of Saddam. What has caused this saying is the results concluded from Nasiriya meeting of the Iraqi political factions on dissolving the Baath party in Iraq This makes the fate of this party in the Arab countries, among which is Yemen, fraught with the unknown. This development necessitates internal political alignment and more sense of responsibility.