Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/633/Press Review]

April 27 2003

24 April 203
Main headlines:
– Girl students assail the U.S. ambassador in Marib
– Execution of al-Nashiri and trial of 13 defendants with killer of Jarallah Omar
– Mystery engulfs destiny of millions of dollars in Rafidain Bank
– Al-Salami takes part in Arab financial establishments in Abu Dhabi
– Prospects on suspending elections in tens of constituencies

An article by columnist Nouman Qaed Saif says the call of president Bush fro lifting the blockade against Iraq confirms to those who used to believe the American allegations or were supporting them out of fear and hypocrisy that the occupation of Iraq by the allied forces was not motivated by disarming Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction which the international inspectors did not find any trace of them. The occupying forces and teams of experts have disclosed falsity of reports and information of American, British and Israeli allegations as well as claims by tailpieces of the Iraqi ''opposition''. Troops and experts have been disable to find out any trace or material evidence confirming Iraq's possession of any prohibited weapons, the pretext upon which the UN Security Council depended on in imposing he harshest sanctions against a people whose sovereign state is member of he United Nations. The new demand by the international war criminal Bush was encountered with strong rejection by states insisting on sticking to return of inspectors to complete their task and offering a report to the Security Council saying that Iraq is clear of weapons of mass destruction. Only hen he security council can take a decision lifting the sanctions imposed for thirteen years and was supposed to be lifted at least five years ago. But Washington had then acted ahead of any such a step and directed the inspectors through its spies to leave Iraq in 1998, claiming non-cooperation by Iraq and launched its aggression.