Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/639/Press Review]

June 5 2003

29 May 2003

Main headlines
– Bani al-Harith stage a sit-in in protest to shelling their houses
– Killer of Jaralla Omer to be sentences mid June
– Execution and imprisonment of highwaymen, among them a woman
– Gunshots in a night club in Aden
– Riyadh hands over four wanted to Sana'a
Columnist Taha al-Ameri says in an article that if the authority has realized benefits and advantages of democracy it would have announced its commitment to the democratic option and peaceful transfer of power since an earlier time. The Yemeni democracy managed excellently to realize desires of the authority and to make the opposition not the other face of the rule but a fifth column for it and then the subjective interests controlled the national interests. In Yemen there is an authority that reads democracy in its language and an opposition explains this reading in its own way. Here democracy and the national interest have become absent between them and the people who are the recipient of the authority reading and the opposition explanation have become the victim in the game of the chess pawns on the move despite the seriousness of the movement showing on the faces of the players while the declared intentions do not necessarily express what is behind the attractive smiles.