Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/643/Press Review]

June 19 2003

12 June 2003
Columnist Abdulghani al-Mawari says in an article that it is an important thin to confirm that the war on iraq has not come to its end with the military victory of Washington and its allies and some of the Arabs who have wagered on American promises of freedom and independence. The war has also not ended with the defeat of the Arab peoples who opposed the war or with defeat of the Iraqi people. The only party that has been defeated is the regime in Iraq that came to power by mistake. Despite the beginning of a brave resistance in some Iraqi cities but the Iraqis would begin their actual battle before restoration of security and formation of a national government. The Iraqi conscience would not allow replacement of a national thief by another foreign thief. Our main problem is summed up in selfishness and taking extremist stands. Some of us are still calling for the return of Saddam despite the mass graves and he wars he had led. The other some demands giving legitimacy to occupation and for giving it a mandatory by which it can offer a democratic example in Iraq. Between these two contradictory trends the peoples rights to freedom, democracy and independence get lost. These peoples have become more aware than their politicians and intellectuals. They already know that their way for restoring their dignity and past glories could not be through the old flimsy slogans or through the false American values but rather a democracy stemming from their conscience. There is nothing before us but to be biased to our people's choices that are looking forward to a better future. The coming stage is difficult and the confrontation with the alliance of evil represented by extremist America and the false Arab regimes on the one hand and the homelands and the peoples on the other.