Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/646/Press Review]

June 30 2003

26 June 2003
Main headlines,
– Hattat terrorist; 6 killed, 11 wounded
– Ma'n Bashour elected secretary general of the Arab national conference
Columnist Hassan Mahjoub confirms in his article that the road map is in fact a labyrinth the American administration has counted on for realizing a kind of peace that resembles a pipe dream because what is required from the Palestinian leadership is unbearable. the ''map'' demands from the Palestinian prime minister Abu Mazin to liquidate comrades of struggle who have baptized their road with blood of martyrs and sacrifices. He has to foster an alliance against the sons of his people the interest of Sharon. The road map does not bear any name but points to a spacious horizon with many roads. It is without a mechanism making it a policy good for the future, but nevertheless the Palestinian government has accepted it and sustained a campaign of suspicions and accusations. What is required fro America is to search for the core of it s policy based on siding with the Israeli side. The American policy was in the past biased to Israel and some had then ascribed it to the cold war and conflict of the two poles. Nowadays the same of those people say the same allegations but under a new term, that is terror.