Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/655/Press Review]

July 31 2003

24 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Businessmen withdraw from the Tadamon Islamic Bank
– Sana'a tripartite axis revives fear of Aforki crisis
– Hael Group demands YR 5 million in compensation
– Rouhani ambassador to Moscow
– Large-scale mopping up campaign aimed at Huttat escapees
– American judiciary, last resort for al-Mouyad
Columnist Ahmed Jabber writes saying those who work for the liberation of their land from occupiers they are resistants. Ways of resistance are many and varied. Some are military forms of resistance, others are political and some are the popular peaceful forms of resistance. In the end all of them are resistants against occupation. Resistance continues as long as the occupation continues. Resistance could not be described as failure or termination but what could be described as failure is one of the ways of resistance according to the nature of the occupier and his ferocity. Judging the Palestinian intifadha and resistance as ended is a wrong judgment because the occupation is still there but what failed is one way of resistance, i.e. the political resistance because the occupiers of the land of Palestine are the Zionists who have drawn up a project based on expelling the Palestinian people out of their land, usurp it and replace the Palestinian people with by the Zionists.
Hence it should be understood that the land cannot be liberated without resistance and establishment of a sovereign independent state of Palestine could not be before the liberation of the Palestinian land. The Palestinian people factions and the Palestinian authority must unite behind the resistance the style of which they have to choose to encounter the forces of evil.