Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/663/Press Review]

August 28 2003

21 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Committee for evaluation of ports ends assignment in Aden
– Head of expatriates community in Russia: Expatriates ministry should take more care for the expatriates
Columnist Jalal al-Sharabi in an article on committees of inspection and auditing comments that visiting of the committees to the institutions and ministries with the aim of sending corrupts to the court of public property has become as if a propaganda for hiding the face of corruption. Perhaps there are many indications. There are many issues of officials corruption sent to the property prosecution, especially after they had instigated attention of the public opinion and made it feel enmity against them and believes that the season of accountability against the corrupt had come. Soon those change into a political tempest and the accused are immune against punishment. The result would be a decision of appointing him in a new position.
The columnist adds that the fighting of the corrupt is no longer in need of evidence. The decision-makers possess in their hands all information and scandals. Even the ordinary citizen has become capable of proving the corruption of this official or that in a simple way. It is not difficult to turn over the pages of the corrupt files but the tragedy is that corruption could be liable for political investment when it is needed.