Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/664/Press Review]

September 1 2003

28 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Some ministers' signature on money checks are not recognised
– Oil institutes' students fear of permanent unemployment
– Death of Yemeni man of letters Abdulla Khaki al- Omari, a rumour
Mr Nabil Natakly says in an article that after the events of September 11 the Yemeni-American relations have witnessed steady development. The President took the initiative to visit Washington in December to confirm Yemen's stand with regard to those inhumane events and condemn those who had perpetrated them in addition to emphasize Yemen's firm stand concerning terrorism. Thus Yemen had stressed its being with the international community and the United States in fighting terror. Relations of cooperation between the two countries continued in hunting down the terrorist groups and chasing them in implementation of resolutions of international legitimacy in a way not contradicting the national sovereignty. The UN Security Council had on 28 September taken a resolution demanding all world countries to prevent and chase terrorist acts and increasing cooperation and full implementation of international agreements related to terror.
Yemen has shown satisfaction for the American role in urging the donor states and organisations in Paris Club to offer Yemen grants and easy loans to help it in economic development.
Nevertheless the American support is not enough for realization what is intended from it if it is measured to the great tasks that need huge capabilities, especially the immediate necessary ones for sustainable chasing of the suspect elements feared to infiltrate across the sea inlets along the long coast of Yemen.