Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/669/Press Review]

September 18 2003

11 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:
– Explosion near the interior ministry building, and a car loaded with qat found at the explosion site
– Al-Ghamedi to be handed over later
– Al-Shamateen prosecution, Taiz governorate investigates into the murder of student Mohammed

Columnist Jallal al-Shara'bi queries in his article about what Yemen has gained from two years of fighting terror. He says it carried out arrest campaigns against the suspected, chasing of them in the mountains and the desert, in Mareb, Shabwa and Abyan where the focus is on the triangle of evil as Washington determines and passing through here and there areas in other governorates of the country.
The writer maintains that fighting terror is a race with time. The coastal line has been protected by America and modern equipment for monitoring has been installed in various areas and governorates. Now our steps should be directed towards schools and teaching circles offering terror in curricula and sermons and in the form of groups wielding weapons in the streets and addicted to the culture of killing wherever they go. They are not out of sight. We see them in military operations especially for sheikhs and companions responding to the call of the tribe while their cars and salaries are paid for by the official authority, living as independent entities before considering the matter as returning from Afghanistan or students at the Eman University.
This question is bigger than to be taken responsibility for by a party or a group that in the recent past was the striking arm of the authority and nowadays has become guns of terror.