Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/673/Press Review]

October 2 2003

25 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Military forces besiege al-Harethi area in Shabwa
– Adventure in the desert led Nexen to run half of Yemen's petroleum
Columnist Hasan al-Udaini the 26 September revolution needed eight years before its enemies conceded the impossibility of defeating it with arms and took them fourteen years to be sure of their failure in containing it by temptation and for 38 years to become sure that they should be despaired of the possibility effecting an inroad by conspiracy. There was a broad front aimed at dealing a blow to the revolution in Yemen and that had aroused amazement as the circumstances of the revolution in Yemen did not offer reasons for the establishment of an international alliance against it.
Nevertheless the declaration of a revolution in Yemen had roused a wave of challenge and moved against it a broad front, but in going deep thinking about it there are many facts revealing themselves.
Yemen is situated inside the Arab peninsula where there is the largest oil reserve in the world and that is a motive to sense the danger of the eruption of a revolution there. The revolution would naturally extend to Aden where there is he occupation army holding the third largest sea port in the world for around a century and quarter of a century and in case the revolution extended to Aden it is possible to go to the Gulf and around it. The revolution's goals are very much similar to those of the Egyptian revolution of July 23 and the alliance of the two revolutions would mean that Abdul Nasser would practice influence on the southern entrance of the Red Sea.
Thus the fighting erupted against the revolution with arms and conspiracies. But the people had resisted bravely and faced the challenges with arms and openness on the age and civilization. After five years the people achieved a victory forced the colonization to leave Aden. But the war against the revolution with conspiracies and as the revolution scored its victory with arms it has also defeated the conspiracies.