Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/677/Press Review]

October 16 2003

9 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– Al-Hakeemi memorandum to prime minister: Information minister al-Awadhi hampers administrative reform at 14 October Establishment
– Refusal of continued control of Criminal Investigation on Saint Maria Church building
– YR million for who gives information about Cole attackers
Mr Zakaria Ahmed writes a critical article on the trend of trading with science and knowledge which is active in Yemeni universities. He says the marketability and spread of the phenomenon of trading with the university book at most of the Yemeni universities has made the newly university graduates who have got degrees qualifying them to teach at the university do not hesitate from authoring a book or section of a book bearing his name on the cover while the content is from another book. Trading in fascicles mostly takes many methods. Most doctors at the university force students to buy the book he has written and some would change its cover every year to delude the student that this year’s book is different than the one of the year before. What is more funny is that some doctors attach at the end of the book a sheet of paper he calls it as a research to force the student to buy and he puts a question on it that would get the student a high mark as a way of tempting and forcing the student to buy it. Some university doctors, as the writer presumes do not consider the circumstances of students because the most important thing is selling his whole quantity. The writer calls at the end of his article that time has come for implementing the university text book and to be circulated over all universities of the republic.