Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/687/Press Review]

November 20 2003

13 September 2003
Main headlines:
– A Yemeni citizen achieved a wealth in Egypt and lost it in Yemen
– Shara'ab al-Salam local council delays teachers' salaries of October
– A soldier commits suicide in Lahj
– Taiz prosecution interrogates journalist Fikrah

Al-Isbou newspaper article says at the time when the question of improving the image of the United States of America inside the Arab and Islamic world is receiving much interest inside American institutions, tensions inside the Middle East do impede an American activity for explaining the American values based on pluralism and opening media instruments to the Arab world seem to be simple if compared to the large- scale security effort. And in Iraq more dark features are being outlined about the variant relationship between two worlds. In the month of Ramadhan Bush speaks in his weekly speech on the harmony of Islam with democratic vales a matter that was being raised about contradiction of its values with freedom as the Americans are conscious that feeding extremism ideas are coming from the mosque or the school. Every Friday a number of worshippers come out of the Grand Mosque in old Sana'a shouting chants against America and often end in arrests among them. Yemen has fallen in the midst of the battle. The incident of Cole expressed about a terrorist activity, an environment helping the entering in terror. With the continuation of American mistakes in improving its wrong that reached its military apex in the region the chances of success will be diminished before the countries cooperating against terror, including Yemen.