Al-Usboo [Archives:2003/695/Press Review]

December 18 2003

11 Dec. 2003.
Main headlines
– YSP organisation in Hadramout, deals involved offices in Douan and Hureidha
– Bomb last in front of criminal investigations building in Ibb kills two soldiers
– Journalists solidarity to abort a law restraining the freedom of press

Columnist Nouman Qaed Saif says in an article seven years ago the president of the republic declared keenness on leading a revolution against corruption. He would not have taken the initiative to declare his daring decision had not been for the increased voices of protest all over the country and his realization of the conditions of the people due to spread of corruption.
Days and years have passed since that declaration but during the dividing period between and the present time official voices continued repeating the so-called revolution and the people have not yet tangibly felt any kind of change .
The fact is that the mentioned revolution would not have subsided if it was not for the overwhelming strong will of corruption which controls over all institutions of the state.