Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/707/Press Review]

January 29 2004

22 Jan 2004
Main headlines
– Saudi Arabia considers Wadeea' a crossing not for pilgrims
– Muslims from New York prohibited from Haj across al-Wadeea'
– Countdown for journalists syndicate elections

Columnist Walid Jahzar says in an article that the minister of youth and sport Abdulrahman al-Akwa put a condition of accounting the soccer union to withdraw his resignation from his post. The committee for accounting the soccer union had last Tuesday discussed at the building of the ministry with the Olympic committee results of an interview it had conduced with leadership of the union just hours before holding the regular meeting of the council of ministers.
The decision of resignation was preceded with acute differences prevailed the relationship between the soccer union and the ministry leadership on he background of the weak performance of Yemen's football team in the first participation in the Gulf games for football. A source at the soccer federation justified the teams weak results by withholding the enough support for the preparation of the team which the ministry refuted by declaring that the federation had received three billion riyals as an annual income in support of its activity.