Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/719/Press Review]

March 11 2004

4 March 2004
Main headlines
– 12 persons arrested after a military siege
– Conclusion of a training course on women role in Taiz
– A training course on commercial arbitration
Abdulfatah Mahmoud says in an article the Islah party has held the government responsible for defending al-Zindani. The Islah policy is revealed in the case of Washington's accusation against one of its prominent personalities. He is one the most religipous men influence throughout the Islamic movement history in Yemen. Since the war on terror was declared, al-Zindani was very cautious but since the fall of sheikh al-Mouayad in the intelligence trap inside Germany he stopped travelling abroad. The United States announced its accusation against him as using his money for funding organisations suspected of having terror links.
Al-Zindani accepted his his party's advice to postpone a pres conference he had called for after the news of accusing him, saying he would not comment unless official indicting documents reached. After the meeting of its leadership Islah had held the government responsible for the protection of al-Zindani and that was what the sheikh had referred to in his Friday sermon and denied his relation with terror. There is a constitutional text on the government defending him and the foreign minister of Yemen commented last week that the government would respond to official accusation documents. The American treasury department has accused Zindani as he had played a major role in procuring weapons for al-Qaeda but did not mention at waht period of time was that and whether his activity ws still gong on even after the events of September 11.