Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/725/Press Review]

April 1 2004

25 March 2004
Main headlines
– Military force to seize a historical site
– Electric engineer killed in Amran cement factory

The writer Qassim Ahmed Abdurab says in an article that Yemen has sought at an early time to join the so-called 'Gulf Cooperation Council' GCC. It tried that since the GCC was declared more than 20 ears before, when the council's states were enjoying a kind of independence and limited connection with policies of the western camp; America, Britain and others. But it seems that the politicians in Yemen have not comprehended the situation of those states after the war of 1991 against Iraq. From then there has been an establishment of a system subservient to the west and the only variation is the degree of loyalty of this state or that. Kuwait is a major ally, the American military bases to the north of Mecca, the American command of America's war on Iraq is in Qatar, in addition to facilities and sea and naval bases in Bahrain as well as the secret and public connections and subservience. In other words these states are occupied by the Americans and their allies with satisfaction and blessing of their regimes the question to be asked to Yemen's politicians is what is the reason behind the endeavor to join the GCC at the present time, at least it could be delayed till the colonization evacuation?