Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/727/Press Review]

April 8 2004

1 Apr 2004.
Main headlines
– Alert at Yemeni airports following a terrorist plan threatening airplanes
– Tons of fish extinct on Aden beaches
– Zindani proposes on America to remove it fears regarding him and his university
– Organised by the French DIA in Taiz, School headmasters 2nd course concluded
– Aden establishment, from tourism to culture

On the Arab joint action the newspaper published an article saying the Arab joint action is always mentioned and it is as an illusion or that the history of Arabs makes it like that. The sudden postponement of the Arab summit in Tunis has reflected a real reality and a natural accumulation of discord among the Arab leaders and their governments. the real failure has preceded convening of the summit when it has been confirmed that leaders of a number of countries, among them Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria would not take part in the summit but would be represented by their foreign ministers. Holding the summit at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo is not a genuine resolution and Tunisia that has surprised the Arabs by postponing it, announces its clinging to holding it on its territories. The big gap would be difficult to bridge during the preparation for the alternative summit and if it would be accomplished it is expected that Tunisia would boycott it. At the time when the Arab street discusses the possibility of continuation of the Arab League along with the Middle East project proposed by America some of the people confirm that the League would not continue but it survival would be in the same position as a nominal form of an entity.