Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/737/Press Review]

May 13 2004

6 May 2004
Main headlines
– In the YSP session al-Zindani is accused of issuing fatwas of infidelity
– Political security deploys troops in Sana'a University in precaution of a wave of clashes
– An Islah leader: Terror must not be a field for political dispute
– Yemenis in Saudi Arabia face prospects of bankruptcy and deportation

Columnist Mohammed Abdeh Qassem says in an article that we are bewildered between a change coming from abroad on board f the F-15 warplanes or under pressures we are not capable of bearing them of to suffer the waiting under the rule of regimes that have exhausted all what they own of capabilities and insist on keeping their claws deep in our chests. Our shoulders are weighed down under these years if waiting for the day of change when the sun of freedom, transparency, rights and duties and justice. But between change from inside and that from outside extends a space of peoples eager for a certain change of their reality that has been mummified for a long time. Between that and this there are spots of blood and surrenders from those who are not able to impose the change from inside and accept its coming from outside after adding some suitable cosmetics. Thus the change becomes deformed. If they insist to have the change coming from outside in content the victory would render into blood and the change into occupation, as is the situation in now in Afghanistan and Iraq. between the change from inside and that from outside there would extend spaces of years of waiting and agonies of labour. It would be a born child whose features would appear in the light of victory of rulers or a neo-colonialism or their both agreement on a compromising solution or a political action and an open horizon.