Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/741/Press Review]

May 27 2004

20 May 2004
Main headlines
– Suad al-Qadassi: States and intelligence organizations behind woman extremism in Yemen
– Fierce conflict between the government and the free zone on the container port
– Confrontations with weapons dealers in Sa'ada
– Training course for the poorest women on health and environment
– Al-Zindani: Acquisition of the nuclear weapon depends on the establishment of Arab-Islamic union

Under a title “A hot press scene” the newspaper published a report on its front page saying ordinarily the journalists in Yemen communicate among themselves to exchange information at a time they consider it as cold to come out with exciting news stories. But the hot press event is the imprisonment sentences and cases before the courts are considered a hot atmosphere beginning a hot summer for the press.
Three cases against three journalists; Jalal al-Shara'bi, Fuad al-Rabadi and Naif Hassan because of publishing previous articles in al-Isbou newspaper. Al-Shara'bi received a sentence of three months imprisonment for publishing two articles when he was editor in chief of the newspaper. It is said they are topics offending the public conduct written by the two journalists Fuad al-Rabadi and Naif Hassan. The writers of the two article received 5 months imprisonment each. On the other hand the writer Abduljabbar Saad was sent to court because he published an article, described by an information source as offending the relations between Yemen and Saudi Arabia and it was violating the freedom of press. Saad was considered as promoting for ideas encouraging extremism and terror. This case comes at a time the Tagamou newspaper is has a case before the court
That is how the journalists describe the situation as a hot journalistic moment but imprisonment sentences overshadow the freedom of press in Yemen.