Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/749/Press Review]

June 24 2004

17 June 2004
Main headlines
– Mujahid Hayder in Interior ministry prison
– Political security apparatus offers swapping of a detainee with Abu Abdullah al-Masri
– GPC and JPC and confrontations on loans
– workshop for intellectuals on social integration concluded
– American interest in Yemen's food and agriculture

Columnist Fua'd Abdulqader says in his article that the Arab homeland does not tolerate the free word or expression. The Arab regimes, with no exception, get angry and annoyed with the freedom of expression, using it when they want that and trample on it when they desire.
Even democracy and political pluralism in the Arab Homeland the Arab regimes dealt with unwillingly and shyly for gaining support of the United States. Dictatorial oppressive regimes always want newspapers and media praising them day and night and publish statements of the heads of state.
Newspapers, the writers and men of letter in the Arab homeland are chained with laws sending him to court or prison. How many journalists or newspapers stood trial in more than one Arab democratic regime?
From land to sea in the Arab countries, whether those raising the slogan of pluralism or totalitarianism, deal with double standard with the freedom of expression that the constitution guarantees for only party organ and private sector newspapers while it is prohibited for government press that are banned to practice this right or tackle issues of interest to the people.