Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/761/Press Review]

August 5 2004

29 July 2004
Main headlines
– Flour crisis in Socotra because of a merchant
– A criminal court accused detained Judge Mohammed Lukman of fomenting armed insurgency
– A workshop on social incorporation for private associations in Taiz

On the crisis of opposition in Yemen the newspaper published an editorial saying the opposition is seeking for a role and then waits for from a presidential decree. Since the beginning events of Sa'ada events that feeling seemed behind its tough-worded stance. The opposition leaders have requested a meeting with the president of the republic to discuss about what has been going on, as they expressed it then.
As part of a routine measure representatives of the JMP are to play a mediator role within a mediatory committee including political personalities, sheiks, MPs, Shura members to be headed by Mr Abdulwhab al-A'nisy who strongly opposed the JMP statement. According to information, the JMP asked to be a player in a role whose endeavors have failed beforehand. If those endeavours succeed, the opposition would devote them for convincing the president about its effectiveness in the events of destiny, but under a presidential decision. What would the opposition add as part of a mediation committee to change what has been a reality the authorities have exceeded? Perhaps their presence could form a legal cover.