Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/767/Press Review]

August 26 2004

19 August 2004
Main headlines
– Bickering between the court and Limburg defendants
– Sectarian conflict at boiling phase

Qassem Abdulrab says in his article the Arab media have broadcast news on victories made by government forces in Sa'ada, those forces that continue fighting up till now and the authority has not yet announced the end of the war it has started more than two months.
The national mediation committee returned from Sa'ada lately carrying negative results and with its formation, no positive developments have been realized towards ending the war and solving the existing problem politically. Some of those who were with the committee commented that its formation was essentially meant for passing plans of the authority and achieving military victories justifying for the authority its launching of the war or its decision for going to war.
The committee did not offer much and did not agree on issuing a statement on its errand that it seems as it has come to an end. In the war of the summer of 1994there were military victories by the government but the main and bigger burden was the share of the Yemeni citizen who is still paying the bill of the war until today. At any event, whether the authority has been victorious or lost the war, the citizen remains the defeated because he is the one to pay and no one else.