Al-Usboo [Archives:2004/779/Press Review]

October 7 2004

30 Sep. 2004
Main headlines
– GPC the major opponent to the economic reform
– Government official locks the door of his colleague staffer office

Columnist Qassem Abdulrab says in his article that Iraq which was a title of what America is propagating of freedom and democracy has become almost destroyed and not governed by an Iraqi state or government.
The Americans have announced earlier that they may stay ten years in Iraq, but seems their calculation was simple and naive. It means that the killing of two to three of their soldiers every day equals ten thousand soldiers in ten years. But their increasing losses and the Iraqis and Arab hatred for them because of their atrocious acts have made them reach at new convictions. Those convictions could have the aim of a back down by the American administration for easing the pressure on the American president who is to run for next presidency term. It may be due to international developments and reading of the international situation the American do not seem willing to present to the world. The Americans presence in Iraq seems to be ending and this could be a sign of the end of globalization and domination which the American people and the world peoples do not need.