Al-Usboo [Archives:2005/817/Press Review]

February 18 2005

10 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– Yemen would try al-Zindani if it found evidence

– The government asks the parliament to endorse the weapons law

– Organized network for smuggling Yemeni antiquities revealed

– Islah party holds its 3rd general conference

– 14 thousand mosques included in the endowments supervision

– Yemen International Bank inaugurated the Visa card

– Electronic education project inaugurated

– Completion of building the national institute for hotel management and tourism

– Aden hosts Arab Economic Council

– International tender oil investment in Yemen

– New cement factories in Hadramout

– $ 2.2 billion, Yemen's share of oil

Yemen has recently taken part in Riyadh international conference on terror where around 50 Arab and foreign countries have participated. Yemen has presented the conference with a working paper confirming in it the importance of the role in which Yemen is regionally situated with regard to the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula on the one hand and the Horn of Africa and south of the Red Sea on the other hand. He paper pointed out that it was not of wisdom to ignore Yemen's role in any security strategy for the Gulf and the region under the justification of the difficult economic situation or the quantities of weapons that Yemen possesses.

The working paper has affirmed that Yemen possesses a uniquely successful experience in dealing with the youth who returned from Afghanistan. The Yemeni government was not spared from effect of terror and was in the past keen on approving two draft laws organizing possession of weapons and the law of money laundering and for that, it had endorsed a number of international agreements and pacts pertaining to face terror worldwide. Yemen has implemented that when it had practiced field chasing of the suspects and sending them to justice and implementation of sentences issued against those proved guilty. The latest of which was the approval of the appeals court of a preliminary verdict on the execution of the accused Hizam Saleh al-Majaland changing an imprisonment verdict against Fawaz al-Rabeeie to death sentence. In addition to that is taking more precautionary security measures in general. More important in the Yemeni endeavour to fight terror in Yemen is clearly expressed in reconsidering the nature of the media, cultural and religious address that includes guidance pulpits religious guidance as well as educational establishment, intending by this the policy of drying springs of terror.