Al-Usboo [Archives:2005/827/Press Review]

March 24 2005

17 Mar.2005
Main headlines

– After imposing visa, Libya deports Yemenis, Yemen prepared for reciprocity

– Protests against the sales tax

– The Yemeni riyal conflict with the dollar

Writer Abdulillah al-Udaini says in his article there is no doubt that tourism in Yemen is facing many hindrances, among them are those which are social, economic and organizational and most of them are linked to the degree of acceptance and the general awareness.

Tourism is an important indication for the country and it could quickly develop and grow and it represents a source of national income for the state. It is therefore important to realize what are the impediments of tourism in Yemen that is in possession of cultural and tourist potentials and a unique diversity of terrains and climate. The organizational and planning blocks are represented by the non-completion of organizational frames and structures of tourism industry, non-existence of criteria guaranteeing quality and measurement of the level of the presented tourist services. Guarantee of quality of tourist product is considered as an essential pillar for the development of advanced tourism. Added to that is the shortage in number of trainees and weakness in the standard of qualification and training. The relative recentness of development plans for this sector and availability of job opportunities push many persons to join work in other sectors and the accommodation of a large number for this kind of jobs, as dealing with a sensitive segment, dictates the provision of full experience and ethics due to the diversity of cultures and variance of people segments. In order to come out of those impediments, the state must concentrate on those hindrances and set up comprehensive strategy as well as preparation of defining performance and tasks assigned with each of the institutions and giving investors guarantees and urge them to invest in tourism sector.