Al-Usboo [Archives:2005/839/Press Review]

May 5 2005

28 Apr. 2005
Main headlines

– Journalists syndicate would ignore the law, information ministry demands for suggestions to the law

– Execution against killer of al-Mikhlafi inside the court

– Ahmed Bazaraa: State withdraws from being a major provider for job opportunities

– Escape of al-Houthi outside the country, ruled out

– Partisan crisis at universities

– Fish wealth ministry sues 20 fishing companies.

On its back page the newspaper published an article saying when al-Houthi sparked confrontations with the authority last year he was actually having hopes of an imamate rule with which he had inspired hundreds of his followers.

It was not only mere suicidal confrontation in the most rugged mountains of Yemen. Al-Houthi had pursued the legend of the return of the imam, which was then appeared to be repeated after the revolution by supporters of the monarchy.

The legend says the imam would return after forty years of the revolution and more than one thousand years before the state of imamate appeared in Saada. Hussein Badruddin al-Houthi repeated the slogan of “Death to America and Israel”.

For some years, he was preparing his supplies in valleys of Mran Mountains. It was one of the reasons behind flourishment of weapons trade in the governorate situated on borders with Saudi Arabia.

Was the AL-Houthi dreaming of repeating al-Khumeini's experiment of hostility to America and Israel? Al-Houthi was not able to wait, despite that some of his followers saw that he was hasty in his confrontation after he had ignited it.

Months later the spark of al-Houthi returned, as the legend was still tickling their dreams. The authorities have to thank al-Houthi. He has awakened it to hidden intentions, with all what they would bring with them of problems and chaos.

But as a nightmare for it, the authority has to pay attention to development, upgrading education and health and the living condition. These are the stronger weapons so that such a small legend could become a costing and disturbing situation.