Al-Usboo [Archives:2005/841/Press Review]

May 12 2005

5 May 2005
Main headlines

– Al-Hassani works for forming a political party

– Yemeni television ends boycott on Iran's news

– In Dammah, emergence of a new leader for the Believing Youth

– State of double-job at universities ended

– German project on fighting corruption in Yemen

– Teeba surgical 17th camp in Taiz

Writer Mithaq Abdulraouf al-Qadasi says the profession of journalism is considered as one of the noblest and most important professions as it relates to everything. It also has a big role in supporting people and standing by them as well as standing face to face with those who want to confiscate the people's rights. All instruments of press are important if they are used in the best manner. It is also the fourth estate having the right to account corruption with its own way through publishing warnings for the people against those corrupt so that the latter reverts back to reason.

Press has also a big role in calling for virtue and all that benefits and is good for the people. Above all publishing news so that people are able to acquire more information and knowledge about their surroundings and the world. This profession, which we have loved and respected, has changed these days into a commodity for selling and buying in the black market when intruders have worked in this profession. Thus, some newspapers changed from the defender of rights of the tyrannized to the supporter for the tyrant. Some journalists have changed to similar beggars at the doorsteps of some officials for what they would publish. Before that, an official would have thousands of apprehensions about the journalist for respecting himself and they know that he would stand up against the injustice or the unfair. They used to fear the journalist because of his decency. Now they don't care a straw about journalists and journalism.

Those in charge of press have themselves led the profession to this fate. They have neglected the journalist's rights and made him follow ways most of them are unacceptable to cope with his living.