Al-Usboo [Archives:2005/860/Press Review]

July 18 2005

14 Jul. 2005
Main Headlines.

– Preventing Officials from Traveling Abroad.

– The IMF is Upset over the Sales Tax.

– The Government Employs New Medical Cadres Don't Go on Strike.

– If Vaccination Campaigns Fail, Yemen Needs 3Years.

The paper came out with a leading analytical article by Hussen Al-Odainy, dealt with the bomb attacks in London. The writer suggested that the United States of America might not be innocent He cited several arguments to support his point of view as follow:

The terrorist attacks in London might be in favor of the American president George Bush who has been suffering from the Iraqi quagmire so the criminal acts in London serve as a reasons to secure the alliance support to the war in Iraq.

The terrorist attacks in London aimed at turning the anti-war mode into pro it as it is a war against the terrorism. as president Bush repeatedly proclaimed.