AL-USBOU’: Sanaa weekly, 10-9-98. [Archives:1998/37/Press Review]

September 14 1998

[Independent (Issue No. 0)]   Main Headline:
1- Yemen is to increase daily oil production by 35,000 bpd. The rise will come from the Janna oil field, Shabwa.
2- Engineers are still trying to repair an oil pipeline (12th damage of its kind) punctured by Mareb tribes to draw attention to their demands for better public services. The Yemen Hunt Oil Company has not stopped oil pumping, complicating the repair procedures.
3- Sudanese Ambassador to Yemen: “The US wants to bury the truth in the pharmaceutical factory’s rubble.”
4- A Saudi newspaper attacks Deputy Foreign Minister for siding with Iraq, and accusing the Saudi sponsored Islamic Congress Organization of not helping that beleaguered country. 5- Yemeni Socialist Party suggests the establishment of a national council composed of people with various political affiliations to run the state-owned media and ensure their impartiality.
Article Summary:
Abu Nidhal Strikes in Yemen?!
A Jordanian man of Palestinian origin, accused of stabbing to death the Egyptian speaker of the Al-Hussaini mosque in Sanaa, has claimed that he was ordered to do so by the Fat’h Revolutionary Council – the Abu Nidhal faction.
Jamal Hamdan, who holds 3 different passports and murdered Sheikh Mohammed Salah, appeared before the South-West Sanaa court last week. He was caught, immediately after committing the crime, by people who rushed to scene, urged on by shouts of help by the deceased man’s family.
Unconfirmed diplomatic reports have indicated that Abu Nidhal was caught by the Egyptian intelligence service, which succeeded in infiltrating his group.