Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/627/Press Review]

March 17 2003

12 March 2003
Main Headlines:
– Election controls document among parties, approved
– Endowments undersecretary calls on mosque preachers to enhance national alignment
– Elections Committee warns parties of acts of evidence
– Al- Azhar calls for Jihad
– Yemen participates in world conference on water
– 68 tourist investment sites, defined
Columnist Abdulla Abdulillah says the less-than-two-year-old local councils experiment proved that many of the councils may have not understood their tasks fully, or perhaps have misunderstood those tasks. The proof could be felt in their taking speedy incorrect decisions, or mixing between what is central and local councils members, have led to acting beyond their tasks, along with the little experience of some of them. This is manifested in little knowledge in drawing up the councils' annual plans, follow-up of budgets, follow-up of progress of projects and the relations with leaderships of administration units. All this happens in some districts and negatively reflected on activities of their local councils. To overcome that misunderstanding could by spread of legal awareness, holding seminars a journal publishing successful local councils experiments and exchange of expertise in this field. The objective is to develop the experiment towards consolidation of decentralization in administration and development away from repeating any mistakes towards the citizen who elected the councils.