Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/636/Press Review]

May 12 2003

14 May 2003
Main headlines
– New government formation soon
– Iranian president visits Sana'a
– Yemeni Saudi border interpenetration solved
– Head of GPC bloc at the parliament: The opposition has no program
– Supreme court nulls results of two constituencies
– An American admits killing one Yemeni and wounding another in New York
Columnist Yassin al-Tammimi says in his article the results of the parliamentary elections held in Yemen on April 27 are still prevalent on interests and discussions of the people. In fact the whole question deserves all this attention and interest because essentially the elections process is an indication of the most effective will in expression within the constitutional rules in the way permitting changing the persons and convictions that would run the state affairs with the holding of every new session of elections. The more reasons attracting the interest in the third parliamentary elections and their results is attributed to what spoiled them of violations and failure reached to an extent one cannot keep silent toward them due to the results that came unlike convictions of electors in a good number of constituencies. This could be concluded from the big number of challenges the Supreme Court has studied. Those violations contributed to confirming what it could be described as bad impressions on an electoral session and on its results that defined features and nature of the state administration in the coming six years.