Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/640/Press Review]

June 9 2003

4 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Following the president's amnesty decree, a number of exiled Yemenis back home
– Terror, corruption, human rights, technology, main headlines of Bajammal's government program
– Three Yemenis arrested on American-Mexican borders
– By-elections, beginning of July
– Support for Yemeni abroad communities' schools unleashed
– FM: Yemen supports ''road map'' if leads to a Palestinian state
– Insurance premiums on ships at Yemeni ports lowered
– JPC seeks forming a unified parliamentary bloc
– Nasserite organization central committee member Abu Hatem; JMP lost elections due to their panting behind narrow interests

Columnist Abdul Raqeeb Muqbil writes in his article that no one disputes that the United States has a great interest behind success of the alleged peace in the Mideast. America, besides its being a strategic ally to the Israel and committed to its security and safety, it has the biggest asset of political, economic, military and security and trade relations in the region. What Washington lacks is related to credibility and knowledge of the region's structure and culture and little bias towards Israel.
He is deluded and mistaken who thinks Washington has succeeded in Iraq to continue it in the core of the Middle East problem. The situation in Iraq has not calmed down and I do not think it will in years to come. Justifications of the war- weapons of mass destruction-has become a silly joke. Many a country began examining the evidence, statements and documents that have been cooked up in the dark. If Washington has rendered Iraq into ruins and undermined sovereignty of a big state in the region and punished its history and heritage, is it possible it would grant the Palestinians and Arabs a comprehensive peace and to give them a state? Washington and Israel want a kind of peace resembling that making the emerging tracks merely a security problem to be negotiated bout according to the Israeli and American requisites with regard to war and peace.