Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/646/Press Review]

June 30 2003

25 June 2003
Main headlines:
– President holds official talks with German officials
– Siege tightened against Abyan extremists, some surrendered
– Four inlets on Yemeni-Saudi border ready
– Forming GPC parliamentary bloc ruled out
– $200 million to get rid of poisons
Columnist Taha al-Ameri thinks that entire Arab homeland and all its cantons has become alternative for the Latin American banana republics that submitted for long decades to control of American food companies that alone were owning the destinies of those peoples. The banana republics have liberated themselves from serfdom and intimidation and colonialist control. They managed to unchain themselves to be replaced by the Arab homeland, whose fate has become hostage of America whether at the hands of its companies or through the military bases present in many areas of the Arab land. The 11 September events in America have forces the Arab countries to surrender their will to the American decision because the Arab system did not live to the level of challenges of developments. In its general policy the Arab system was not reflecting aspirations of the nation and the peoples. Meanwhile the Arab system failed to give a definition to terror or to impose such a definition on Bush's administration or the world in order to differentiate between the terror practiced in the streets of American cities and the legitimate resistance that is guaranteed by all laws and legislation. The Americans have resisted for their independence and for their unity and they are proud of that resistance which the Bush administration now sees as acts of terror. It is not because America believes in what it says but because it believes in what it wants from the Arab land which it wants to be rendered into its backyard and a mine to get supplied with energy and a market for its goods.