Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/654/Press Review]

July 28 2003

23 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Yemen and Ethiopia call for cooperation in fighting terror
– GPC head of political office Dr Qubati: We consider national alignment reflection of the GPC's values
– Yemeni comprehensive vision for tackling the Arab situation
– Yemeni delegation to Germany to discuss sheikh al-Mouayad case
– Yemen hosts the Arab forum for officials of fish wealth sector
– American occupation forces confirm killing of Saddam's two sons
– Italian support for Yemen's demining project

Columnist Ahmed Muhideen says in an article the officials in Bush administration did not expect that the troops they had sent to occupy Iraq would face the fate they are facing today at the hands of the Iraqi resistance. The evidence is that the administration began looking for an outlet for its troops through replacing them by troops from countries that did not have anything to do with invading and occupying Iraq. With the increase of the Iraqi resistance daily attacks on the occupying forces, the commander of the American forces in Iraq general John Abizaid declared about formation of eight battalions of the so-called civil defense forces each comprising 850 elements to receive training at the hands of traditional forces and these battalions are to begin their tasks within 45 days.
According to some western journalists the American forces do not admit but very little number of intensive attacks launched by Iraqi resistance. The British Independent newspaper correspondent Robert Fisk says the American command admits only the attacks that cause losses in men and do not mention about the many attacks they are exposed to inside the Iraqi capital and around it. Such press reports have pushed officials in the American administrations to announce that the United States had committed a grave mistake in the military intervention in Iraq without an international support.